Carys Gooi

Hello! I'm a 3D Environment Artist in Games from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a focus on stylized art.


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Other Projects

Some of these are smaller artworks, game jams or projects that I attribute to the beginning of my art career!
International Chef
3D Art | Rigging | Animation

Made for Global Game Jam '23 with the theme "Roots". Explore international dishes!

Mochi Madness
2D + 3D Art | Design

Play as skewer-wielding mochi fighting to build the best dango stick in this 2P couch competitive!

Agave VR
3D Art

A VR crafting and survival experience about the significance of the agave plant in Mexican culture.

Art Lead + 3D Art

Play as Charon, Ferryman of Hades, as you traverse the River Styx to reunite a friend with her lover.

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