Mochi Madness

A 2-player game where you and a friend play as toothpick-wielding mochi battling to be first to build a dango stick! Poke and throw about various desserts (and your competitor!) with quick paced, engaging gameplay in three unique, candyland stages.

Software used: 
Maya, Photoshop CC, Unity, Procreate

My Contributions


Worked with co-designer
André Pascual to come up with
core game idea and level designs.

3D Art

Researched cute Japanese desserts and box-modeled them. Brought them to life with simple colorful textures.

2D Art

Illustrated all 2D art in Procreate and created juicy, user-friendly UI for buttons and menus.


Helped implement mechanics and asset placement in the engine.

Set up a free site - Find out