Hello! I'm Carys, a 3D Game Artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have a dual degree in BA Interactive Media & Game Design, and BFA Game Art & Animation, from the University of Southern California.

My focus is on 3D stylized game environments and props.
I love playing a part in making games, environments and props that wholly immerse the player into the world and feels like home to them.

I have experience at both indie and AA studios as a 3D Environment/Prop Artist with both Unity and Unreal Engine.
Some places I've worked/interned at include Test Jar Labs, Sony Immersive Music Studios, Airstrafe Interactive and Weyrdworks.

My skills and responsibilities have included:
☆ modeling, sculpting, retopologizing and UV-mapping stylized game assets with both low-to-highpoly / high-to-lowpoly workflows;
☆ creating handpainted / stylized PBR textures and implementing them into materials in-engine;
☆ set-dressing, lighting, and making basic shaders or VFX in-engine.

In my free time I explore new cafes, and crochet! I love the Spiderverse movies, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and playing Overwatch. I also have a rabbit Lobak I love very much!


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