Charon is a 3D action rower where you play as Charon, Ferryman of Hades, on a treacherous journey down the river Styx as you bring an old friend Alexis back to her loved one in the afterlife against the wrath of Demeter.

Showcased at USC Games Expo 2022 

Software used: 
ZBrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Unity

My Contributions

Art Lead

Led an 8-person art team through weekly sprints, constant communication with director and producers to create quality concept art, 3D models and VFX.

3D Art (Character + Environment)

- sculpted, retopologized and textured hero character Charon + oar
- modeled and textured hero asset Demeter's Shrine
- created alpha cards for foliage

Tech Art

- created fog and god-ray particle systems
- animated base animations for Charon and Alexis
- helped rig and animate enemies
- lighted scenes


Set-dressed in-engine with Polypaint and Houdini tools from tech artist.

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