Carys Gooi

Hello! I'm a 3D Game Artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

Featured Games

Art Lead + 3D Art

Play as Charon, Ferryman of Hades, as you traverse the River Styx to reunite a friend with her lover.

Dreamland Confectionery
3D Art

An open world exploration game about baking, exploring, and reconnecting with a lost childhood dream.

3D Art

A VR crafting and survival experience that explores nature, surrounding the agave plant in Mexican culture.

Mochi Madness
2D + 3D Art | Design

Play as skewer-wielding mochi fighting to build the best dango stick in this 2P couch competitive!


Current WIP

My heritage and background mean a lot to me. This is a Penang-inspired OW fanmap that is a futuristic representation of my culture, based off of this concept by Qi Xyuan Tan. I aim to make it a full scale, walkable environment in UE4; and use it as good learning experience for making tileable textures, trim sheets, and understanding scale within game engines. (WIP updates on Twitter)

Work Experience


Southeast Asian inspired fishing hut + cove.

3D Environment Art Intern at Airstrafe Interactive

At Airstrafe Interactive, I worked on their debut game Saleblazers.

My responsibilities included:
- made a fishing hut and cove: concept; low-poly models in Maya; sculpted tileable textures in ZBrush; textured in Substance Painter; laid out in Unity.

- modeled + textured modular walls, roof and trim modules for a custom building system.

- sculpted high poly sculpts in ZBrush to be baked onto low poly in-game models and made their respective textures.

Programs used:
Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop CC, Unity

3D Prop + Environment Art Intern at Weyrdworks Productions 

Under the mentorship of the amazing Weyrdworks team,
I learnt look development techniques, 3D art optimization for mobile, and hand painted and PBR textures.
I worked on translating a 2D game into 3D, and an interactive mobile WebGL museum experience. 

Other Games

Some of these are older projects and/or game jam games I do in my free time!
Tape On Me
3D Art | Design | Music

Play as a roll of 
tape as you try to "fix" 
your owner's belongings!

Monster Coffeeshop
2D Art | Design | Music

Tend to
otherworldly customers in this relaxing coffee shop mobile game.

3D Art | Concept Art

An FPS metroidvania where you explore an alien planet. Gather weapons to fight!

The Witch and the Wisp
2D Art | Music

You're all alone with your best friend
going through a spooky house.

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